Why do leaders get Stuck now?

    Pause a moment. Look at yourself, your team, your organization.Are you very busy? Do you feel stuck sometimes?Is it the direction that is not clear, the motivation that is low? Are you disconnected from a larger context? What does that generate for you? For your colleagues? For the larger organization or society? Where […]

“Being stuck” in the center

In research that I conducted around 1998 – 2003 I was interested in the question: “Why do individuals, teams and organizations get stuck on their way to fulfilment and realizing their potential?”.                                               […]

The future of leadership

Leadership is an elusive quality. Recent Studies of trends in organizations show decreasing levels of engagement and identification amongst employees.            Most do not fully trust or rely on their leaders. Organizations spend major resources to retain their talents. They invest in bonuses and in retention programs. But it seems that […]

The NEWS Compass®

the news compass - news navigation

The N.E.W.S Compass® is a unique framework that helps individuals and organizations identify their authentic direction, their core motivations, and the critical roadblocks on the way; as well as helping create practical solutions that propel them to the next levels.  SIMPLE – PROFOUND – GLOBAL FOUR DIRECTIONS of the compass At every crossroad the following […]

What might be the cause of the “quiet quitting”?

The way people regard work is undergoing tremendous changes following the Covid crisis. It is not generally understood that the inner processes people went through during this health crisis were very deep; and some of them are just being revealed now.                              […]

Culture renovation

Out of a need, a new term was born – Culture renovation. The collapse of many organizational cultures is one of the aftermaths of the Covid global crisis. So many things got disintegrated during and after this crisis. Marriages did not all hold up. Belief systems got changed. Companies and businesses crashed. People found new […]

The next level of the HR evolution

The HR profession has undergone a process of evolution over the years. It happened in different ways in different geographic areas. However, looking across the globe, a few different evolutionary trends can be observed. The HR profession over the years The next level that evolved in some areas was HR as a business partner. This level required […]

The NEWS Compass®

the news compass - news navigation

Are you ready to take that next big step? Our potential for greatness is as significant as our dreams, but carving out a path to that next level without taking any wrong turns, can be incredibly overwhelming. We all need a compass to guide us on our path. The NEWS Compass® is a unique approach […]

Why is it important to coach your team members, now more than ever?

The world was disrupted by the Covid crisis. So many things have changed over a period of two years. The very concepts of work and the workplace have changed significantly. Employees are now facing challenges and opportunities that they had never encountered prior to the global health crisis. Many of them are burnt out or […]

A motivational speaker recommends thinking “outside the box”

Puerto Rico must change its mentality in order to start doing different things at the business level that go hand in hand with the constant changes the world is facing due to the technological advances that have transformed the work environment. This is the recommendation of Aviad Goz, the entrepreneur, visionary, writer, motivator and transformational leader […]