The N.E.W.S Compass® is a unique framework that helps individuals and organizations identify their authentic direction, their core motivations, and the critical roadblocks on the way; as well as helping create practical solutions that propel them to the next levels. 


FOUR DIRECTIONS of the compass

At every crossroad the following four fundamental questions should be worked out: 

  1. In the North – WHERE do you want to go? 
  2. In the East – WHY do you want to go there? 
  3. In the West – HOW do you want to get to your destination? 
  4. In the South – WHAT is stopping you?

You can make progress only by choice and making decisions. The Compass allows our trainers, coaches, and facilitators anywhere in the world to deliver similar content with matching outstanding results. It is a universal code or platform to allow growth on multiple levels


Every question in the four directions will be answered on three levels:  

  • Personal
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational

Working out the four questions above on these three levels results in the 12-Box Matrix.

Using the Compass and the 12-Box Matrix across all our solutions ensures seamless progress from one solution to another, using the same platform and language.