A motivational speaker recommends thinking “outside the box”

Puerto Rico must change its mentality in order to start doing different things at the business level that go hand in hand with the constant changes the world is facing due to the technological advances that have transformed the work environment.
This is the recommendation of Aviad Goz, the entrepreneur, visionary, writer, motivator and transformational leader from Israel, renowned for his more than 13 books, hundreds of articles and research papers on business strategy, effective organizational development and accurate self-assessment.
The island had the pleasure of welcoming him during his visit to give a talk on the “ABCs” of becoming a corporate supplier, to which EL VOCERO had exclusive access.
Aviad Goz, an entrepreneur, visionary, writer, motivator, and transformational leader .
Goz’s recommendation for Puerto Rico included shifting from a historical to a futuristic mindset, special entrepreneurship programs in schools, guidance for young people in choosing the careers of the future, business incubators, and getting help from those who have been successful.
This is a system I created a while ago, but with what has happened globally in the last two years, it is more useful now.
Plans that used to be made considering a one year timeline, are now made quarterly and even monthly due to such unpredictable changes,” said the Israeli writer, who defined “navigation” as the constant path that companies must travel through.
Also the creator and CEO of N.E.W.S.® Navigation, a transformation platform that supports organizations, leaders and talents in 42 countries, Goz addressed the issue of companies operating with high levels of uncertainty and having to adjust their course according to what is happening in the global work environment.
“There are a lot of changes happening so you have to plan out your strategies. The concept of how work is done has changed, with remote or hybrid possibilities. Employees are no longer present in the office. Now you also have to take care of other situations, such as whether or not the children of the company’s staff go to school,” Goz said.
The motivational speaker, who has strategically helped more than 2,000 organizations – from Fortune 100 to fast-growing startups – to evolve and successfully transcend in times of great uncertainty, said that today’s complex realities have been a great challenge for leaders, who have had to look at things they did not see before, such as the problems their people face.
This has also made it so that companies now go about planning for the short-term.
Goz has also been responsible for the evolution of Unicorn companies, which are ‘startups’ or technology companies that have increased their value in a short time period, following tremendous growth. Some of these companies include AirBnB, BlaBlaCar, Evernote, Zalando, Spotify, Uber and Deliveroo.
Regarding how he sees Puerto Rico compared to Israel, he explained that there are similarities and differences between the two countries.
“I think we have a lot of similarities. Both are small countries, however we have different mentalities. Puerto Rico is independent-minded, but must challenge the ‘status quo,’ (the emotional, social, political or economic state of any given time period), because it seeks stability, but does not think outside the box,” Goz responded, referring to traditional decision-making that must evolve with the times.
The businessman added that Puerto Rican mothers are looking for their children to have a good education, employment, and stability, and for them to stay in the country, although this is beginning to change.
During Goz’s talk, which will soon be offered in the Dominican Republic, he also spoke about the different and effective strategies that Israel has implemented in the desert, such as the drip irrigation method, which produces crops and feeds the population, which he recommends for Puerto Rico to achieve food security.
Francisco Montalvo Fiol, who along with Walter Santaliz Rivera is a founding member of the Puerto Rico Chapter of N.E.W.S.® Navigation, pointed out that the island faces problems in its external environment.
“Many people who left their jobs have not returned and the style of the company has changed a lot. It is now important to be agile and plan together,” he expounded.
“The idea of a single leader at the top setting the direction is gone. We have to do it as a team and constantly readjust according to the situation,” he added.
He pointed out that he studied and trained so he could work in a company and become a salaried employee, without ever being offered the opportunity to learn how to set up his own business.
“I was not offered any courses on how to do business. Our organization works so that young people can understand and change their mentality to that of an entrepreneur, so that they can think about different things,” Montalvo said.