N.E.W.S.® Re-group | re-start

Moving forward – together

The process is for regrouping and restarting teams and organizations when getting out of the crisis mode into recovery

about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® REGROUP is a 9-hour fast and deep strategic intervention for teams.

It requires preparation and mainly includes an interview with the leaders and a team assessment. 

Every part can be delivered in various modalities, face to face and virtually, according to your needs and intents.

what to expect?

First Aim

To Regroup and Restart teams and leadership teams for the time following the global crisis and movement into recovery

Second Aim

To create together the next phase for the team in a structured, short and impactful process

Third Aim

To create a high level of alignment, engagement & focus towards the next phaser