Organizational Navigation

Creating together, the next phase of the organization’s direction, strategy and focus. Leading to strong buy-in and executional excellence.

ORGANIZATIONAL NAVIGATION is a complete and transformative strategic intervention for leadership teams with a recommended 12-month follow-up duration. It requires preparation, and includes Interviews with relevant stakeholders, the N.E.W.S.® Assessment for teams, in order to assess Trends & Changes, a 16-hour leadership navigation workshop and quarterly checkpoint accountability meetings. 

Fast, deep and strategic!


ORGANIZATIONAL NAVIGATION is needed when the senior leadership team must frequently reassess and redirect the entire organization, together. Failing to do this in a timely manner leads to stagnation or not being up to date with changes in the environment.

This strategic process can be used for the onboarding of a new CEO or other management team members, when alignment among management team members is needed, during mergers and acquisitions processes, or simply as annual strategic planning. 


It provides senior leadership teams with an in-depth analysis and framework to navigate together. It brings the organization to high levels of clarity, alignment, and engagement. It creates strong buy-in and accountability amongst senior team members.

The process allows breakthroughs for the leadership team to differentiate the organization in the marketplace of the future. 

After this fast and deep process, the leadership team will return to work energized, committed, engaged, and highly motivated to produce extraordinary results. The required deliverables during the next phase of the organization’s growth will be clear, agreed upon and emotionally compelling.