N.E.W.S.® Organizational Navigation


In changing circumstances and market situations the senior leadership team must frequently reassess and redirect the entire organization together. Failing to do this in a timely manner leads to stagnation. Organizational Navigation is a 2-day, yearly event for senior leadership teams that provides a foundational  strategic navigation process.  The leadership team is equipped to work together on the next phase of the organization’s strategy and focus. The event is followed by quarterly review meetings to ensure that the process remains on track and agreed critical goals are achieved.

about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® ORGANIZATIONAL NAVIGATION is a complete and transformative strategic intervention for leadership teams, with a recommended 12-month duration.

It requires preparation, and includes:

1. Interviews with relevant stakeholders,

2. The N.E.W.S.® Assessment for teams,

3. Consulting for the team leader to assess Trends & Changes,

4. A 16-hour leadership workshop,

5. A 3-hour planning meeting, and

6. Four 3-hour quarterly checkpoint accountability meetings.

Every part can be delivered in various modalities, face to face and virtually, according to your needs and intents.

what to expect?

After this fast and deep process based on a 2-days structured, high impact and strategic workshop, your leadership team will return to work energized, committed, engaged, and highly motivated to produce extraordinary results.

The required deliverables during the next phase of the organization’s growth will be clear, agreed upon and emotionally compelling.