N.E.W.S.® Manager As Team Navigator

How well are your organizational team leaders guiding and inspiring their teams to deliver in times of exponential change? 

If your organization is similar to many others, this is probably one of your biggest challenges. 

The N.E.W.S.® Manager as Team Navigator 2-day program is designed to support team leaders at different organization levels as they strive to engage, align and lead their teams to achieve better-than-average results in the face of complex, ambiguous and volatile market conditions.

Your company will directly benefit from the N.E.W.S.® Manager as Team Navigator program if:

  • You need a robust methodology and tool kit to develop the leadership skills of your critical team leaders.
  • Your team leaders are visibly buckling under the pressure of too much change.


about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® MAT – Manager as a Team Navigator is a 20-hour leadership development experience. 

It can be delivered in various modalities, face to face and virtually. 

We recommend two sets of 60-minute Best Practice sharing and a 90-minute Group Coaching session, in the middle and at the end of the program.

what to expect?

  • A comprehensive introduction to the N.E.W.S.® team navigation methodology and Compass. 
  • How to incorporate responsible risk-taking and experimentation into the team culture. 
  • Teams become the efficient vehicle for people development, and the practice of leadership skills.
  • A methodology that equips team leaders with the correct mindset to confront a volatile, uncertain and complex environment and press forward to a compelling future vision.
  • Participants will embrace a participative team leadership style, so essential into today’s young, knowledge-based industries.