Becoming N.E.W.S.® organizational Coach User Enrolment Form and Conditions

1. This Enrolment Form (“Agreement”) is made by and between N.E.W.S. Coaching and Training SarL, a company organized and exists under the laws of Switzerland with registered address at 13, Chemin des Chênes, 1009 Pully, Switzerland, (“NEWS”/“Program Provider”), AND The User enrolled to the Certification Program (“You”/”User”/”Participant), Full name and address registered below.

2. PROGRAM INFORMATION: Becoming a N.E.W.S.® organizational Coach- certification is a structured program (“Program”) developed specifically for the organizational arena. Its purpose is to develop and empower both HR people and managers, and to develop their capabilities as internal coaches and their contribution to the organization. The Program contains online lessons (“ZOOM”), supervised coaching process and group supervision and results with Certification upon completion, see below “Appendix A “The Program is subject to the terms & conditions below and those on the Website the following link: / (together: “T&C”). By purchasing and participating in the Program, you warrant that you have read and reviewed the T&C and agree to be bound by it.

3. Duration of the Program: 20 weeks online (including teaching and not including group supervision) 

4. PAYMENT & FEES: Total Program fees (“Fees”): US$5800

5. The entirety of the Fees are due and payable upon your registration in the Program. F. NO REFUND POLICY: Once Program purchased, you will not be entitled to any refund. 

6. PERSONAL ENROLEMENT: You are not allowed to share the link to the program and/or material with anyone nor share them publicly. If NEWS suspect that the Program or Materials are being shared, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your access to the Program, in our absolute, sole and exclusive discretion. 


A. Eligibility: You must (i) be present at least 80% of online session in order to be eligible to receive the Program Certificate, and (ii) complete practicum- at least one supervised process with a client, and (iii) take part in the group supervision meetings 

B. Rights: Once Certified you will be permitted to provide our Programs to your own clients provided that you will purchase our Materials whether printed or online for the purpose of supplying these to your own clients. 


A. All information provided to you in the course of the Program, and other materials associated with the platform and website and those associated with NEWS are completely owned by NEWS and are protected Intellectual Property rights of NEWS (“NEWS IP”). 

B. No Content from the Program or Website may be copied, reproduced, downloaded, transmitted, published, disseminated or distributed in any way without the prior written consent of NEWS’s CEO. C. DECLARATION: You hereby acknowledge and declare that: (i) you are fully aware that NEWS IP have been created by and remain the property of NEWS, (ii) you may use the Materials solely in connection with your participation in the Certification Program (iii) if you breach of NEWS IP it may result in a lawsuit against you. 

9. NO WARRANTIES: We hereby expressly disclaim any and all express or implied warranties of any kind. NEWS shall not be responsible nor liable for any result or consequences which may come about due to your participation in the program or your use of the Website, to the fullest 

10. PRIVACY: WE respect your privacy, we will not reveal your personal data to third parties, sell this data to third parties, other than use it in those ways permitted by law. 

11. Registration data and certain other demographic information about you are subject to NEWS privacy policy as detailed in the Website in the following link: 

12. GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement is governed by The laws of England and Wales without regard to its choice of law rules.