The leaders of teams and organizations need to be leading now in this time of crisis beyond fear, harnessing the talents and capabilities of their people. The process offered here is structured, short, and with high impact towards the coming days whilst in the crisis routine mode. 

It involves preparation, two on-line sessions and activities between them

about this solution

how does it work?


Pre assessment process for potential participants.


1 supervised coaching process – total 5 hours supervision

5 hours group supervision

Learning Sessions

20 online webinars – total 60 hours

what to expect?

To methodologically train participants to coach executives, managers, and employees inside organization, as part of the process of developing talent and capabilities.

To help the participants develop in 3 levels: Coaching mindset, coaching skills, and coaching tools.

To train the participants to use a structured state of the art comprehensive system that includes assessments, exclusive coaching kits, workbooks and ROI metrics in order to develop coaching capacity.      

To supervise one coaching process of each participants to ensure the quality of delivery.​

The program is intense, challenging and very interactive. The participants go through a personal coaching process and practice various organizational coaching situations and characters. The training is done with live examples, case studies, role plays and best practice sharing.

Each webinar is fully designed and structured accompanied with a Training guide and coaching kit. The participants acquire a large portfolio of coaching mind sets, skills and tools.                                                                          

The program is based on the N.E.W.S. Compass.