N.E.W.S.® Internal Coaching Certification

More and more organizations are now training  their own internal coaches. Having the internal capacity to coach employees and managers has become an important differentiator between companies. N.E.W.S.helps these companies achieve their goals with a structured and replicable process to develop internal organizational coaches.

You will benefit from our internal coaching certification when your organizations looks wants  to develop internal coaches that follow a common framework. When you want to measure the ROI of the coaching process,  results and when your organization wants to deploy a structured,  replicable internal coaching methodology that can be replicated throughout the organization

about this solution

how does it work?

Pre-work: Participants complete an online coaching assessment questionnaire.


Face to face intervention: Two online webinars of 3 hours each day coaching that introduce key coaching concepts and the  N.E.W.S.compass. 


Implementation: Each participant will experience a supervised coaching process during the internal certification. 

what to expect?

A coaching methodology for organizational leaders that is easy to follow and implement. 

A structured, personalized coaching methodology that produces measurable results. 

An organization-wide coaching methodology and a coaching language.

The coaching process is supported by a kit for the internal coaches and pre & post online questionnaires

We make sure all coaching processes are integrated with the organization’s strategy, business objectives and potential roadblocks  and real issues. Your investment in developing internal coaches will be measurable and easy to track.