N.E.W.S.® First Time Managers

“The most challenging transformation is from managing self to managing others” 

On the leadership pipeline (Ram Charan) 2019 

When people are appointed to their first management position, they often think they have made it. 

All their hard work as an individual contributor has been rewarded. 

In reality, to be successful as a first-time manager requires a major transition for which many people are not adequately prepared. 

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this transition is that first-time managers suddenly become responsible for getting work done through others rather than on their own. 

The N.E.W.S.® First Time Managers solution equips emerging leaders with the mindset, tools and skills to navigate this critical transformation and establish the foundations necessary for a successful career as a manager-leader. 

about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® FIRST TIME MANAGER is a 15-hour leadership development training. It consists of five 3-hour modules. 

It is ideal for virtual implementation since the N.E.W.S.® online environment offers exclusive content, such as videos with the creator of the program, interviews, storytelling etc. 

We recommend one module per week, and one 90-minute group coaching session at the end. 

what to expect?

  • Be adequately equipped to navigate the critical transformation from an individual contributor to a manager-leader of others. 
  • Improve the performance of their team. 
  • Enhance their leadership practices. 
  • Learn, understand, and apply the new mindsets, skills and tools for effective leadership. 
  • Be set up for success in their future leadership career.