Mission Possible is a highly practical 1-day training program that will help you save 

3-4 hours every day, become much more productive and alleviate the ever-present stress you currently experience. It is based on a set of principles translated into highly useful practical and user-friendly skills and tools.

Each of these principles is accompanied by tools, skills, exercises, best practices and means of implementation techniques.

about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® MISSION POSSIBLE is a 9-hour leadership development training. It includes an advanced module for managers. 

It can be delivered in various modalities, face to face and virtually. 

Two unique 90-minute exclusive group coaching sessions are recommended to ensure that knowledge is transferred into practice. 

what to expect?

A highly practical 1day training program that will help  participants to focus on critically impactful, manage their daily tasks instead of being overcome by them, run their days rather than being run over, filter out the non-essential  and delegate effectively. This will result in saving 3-4 hours every day, with reduced stress and higher productivity.