Manager As Coach (MAC) trains managers to conduct short, impactful coaching conversations with individual team members that enables them to grow, overcome challenges and improve performance. 

You will benefit from MAC when you need to: 

  • Develop first and second line managers 
  • Develop first and second-line managers. 
  • Equip your managers with tools to help their team thrive in a changing environment. 
  • Train your supervisors to have short, impactful coaching conversations on the go. 
  • Equip leaders with a simple toolbox of diagnostic and coaching intervention techniques. 

Its tools are easy-to-use, practical, and user-friendly for immediate application in real work situations. 

about this solution

how does it work?

N.E.W.S.® MAC – Manager as a Coach and a Mentor is a 16-hour leadership development experience. 

It can be delivered in various modalities, face to face and virtually. 

One unique 90-minute exclusive group coaching session is recommended after the learning modules, to ensure your ROI.

what to expect?

  • Managers learn how to diagnose the needs of team members for coaching conversations. 
  • Your managers will become adept at 1-on-1 leadership interventions, thus fostering a coaching culture in the organization. 
  • Short, impactful coaching conversations on the fly will become part of the manager’s day-to-day routine.