How does it work?

All of our solutions are based on the awarded NEWS Compass®.                                      

This model is used on the personal, team and organizational levels. It allows real time strategic navigation in every crossroad and with any change.                                                            

Over the years, working together with HR and L&D specialists and with constant research, we have developed 12 solutions or applications based on the NEWS Compass®.

The solutions range from Organizational Development processes to leadership development training, to coaching and all the way to transformation interventions. All the solutions are based on the NEWS compass® and therefore use the same language and create one cohesive development fabric. This allows an easy movement between different solutions according to the clients’ needs.            

Our clients work with us for years “gliding” from one solution to the next, using the same language and developing people, teams and the whole organization. 

Best in class leadership development training

Solutions – Manager As Coach, Manager As Team navigator, Mission Possible, Advanced Virtual Leadership, First Time Managers

Developing leaders with up-to-date skills, tools and mindsets.

Developing leaders 1X1 with award winning solutions

Solutions – Self Navigation (Career Nav.), N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching

Developing executives and high potentials individually to fulfill their potential and Greatness.

Current Organizational Development processes

Solutions – Organisational Navigation, Team Navigation, Regroup- Restart, Re-Navigation.

Navigating organizational strategy. Creating team’s alignment, engagement and focus.

Transforming Organisations

Solutions – full suite of N.E.W.S.® Solutions 

Accompanying organizations in long-term processes of strategic change, culture update, re-organization, adaptation and implementation. Thus, helping fast growth.


BAC – Becoming An Organizational Coach                                                    

Awarded and ICF & ATD accredited best coaching certification globally.

Best in class leadership development training

MAC – Manager As Coach – Leading people.                                                                            16 hours practical experiential training program for managers on how to conduct short impactful coaching conversations with individual team members to allow them to move on, develop, overcome challenges and perform better.

MAT – Manager As Team Navigator – Leading teams.                                

16 hours highly practical training program for managers to engage, align and lead their team together as an aligned and engaged group. This leadership development solution is unique and allows leaders to lead their teams through changes and to reach highly effective results.

MP – Mission Possible

A contemporary practical and exciting program on how to be productive in a disruptive environment. The tools and skills provided are suitable both for an office environment and for working by remote. This exceptional 9-hour program allows managers and employees to be focused and save a few hours a day. They learn how to put this time into a more productive way of working and living.

AVL – Advanced Virtual Leadership

A contemporary program on how to lead teams by remote and in a hybrid environment. It is highly practical, full of tools and skills which are needed in the current situation following the pandemic. The program is using the NEWS Compass® to develop leaders in the new normal. 12 hours duration. 

FTM – First Time Managers 

A “First aid kit” for first time managers. Providing them with the necessary tools and skills to manage and lead teams. This program is tailored to people who lack managerial training or development.         

It helps them get quickly into the driver’s seat of managing and leading a team effectively and efficiently. 5 stand alone and powerful modules of 3 hours each. 

Developing leaders 1X1 with award winning solutions

Executive coaching – transforming leaders                                                    

A uniquely structured and adaptable individual navigation process for leaders. It is diagnostic, results oriented and highly impactful.  This unique coaching methodology won many awards and is accredited by the leading global authorities. The process follows an individual road map to achieve goals for oneself, for your team and for the whole organization.

NExTO Self-Navigation – Be the driver of your career                                        

A powerful 16 hours workshop for ‘high-flyers’ and leading individuals within the organization tailored to lead themselves to their next step in the organization. This program helps retain talents in the organization by helping them navigate their own career proactively.

Current Organizational Development processes

Organizational Navigation – Deep. Fast. Strategic.                                        

A yearly strategic intervention based on 16 hours of structured strategic navigation process for top management, creating together the next phase of the organization movement and development. This initial process is followed by 4 quarterly checkpoints with champions to ensure execution of the navigation process over time.

Team Navigation – Creating our future together.                                   

A yearly strategic intervention based on a structured navigation process for organic teams throughout the organization. Creating together the next phase of the team movement and development and cascading organizational strategy by recreating it at every level.

Transforming organisations

Solutions – full suite of N.E.W.S.® Solutions 

Org. Nav., Team Nav., Self Nav., Executive coaching, MAC, MAT, MP, AVL, FTM, Regroup- Restart, Re-nav., BAC         

Transformation processes are deep and long. They create a new strategy, structures and processes or a needed change in the culture of an organization. By using the whole suite of N.E.W.S.® solutions, long term and effective transformation processes are conducted successfully around the globe for many organizations.   


BAC – Becoming An Organizational Coach

This unique program is accredited by the ICF and the ATD.                     

It is an award- winning profound journey to become a full-scale organizational coach using the  NEWS Compass® methodology. Following 60 hours of certification, the participants go through a mentored coaching process as field work. It is considered to be globally the most unique structured and effective program for certifying professional organizational coaches. 

N.E.W.S.® First Time Managers is a 15-hour leadership development training. It consists of five 3-hour modules. 

It is ideal for virtual implementation since the N.E.W.S.® online environment offers exclusive content, such as videos with the creator of the program, interviews, storytelling etc. 

We recommend one module per week, and one 90-minute group coaching session at the end.