Becoming a N.E.W.S.® Coach

Becoming a N.E.W.S.® Coach Certification: Achieve Excellence and Learn the Award-Winning N.E.W.S.® Coaching Model.

Becoming a N.E.W.S.® Coach is an 85-hour Executive Coaching Global Certification. It is mainly focused on developing organizational and internal coaches. It can be delivered in various modalities and combinations of in person and virtual sessions, and consists of the following steps: 

  • Preparation: Pre-assessment process for potential participants.
  • Live intervention: 20 virtually led sessions of 3 hours each. All together 60 hours of coaching development training based on the NEWS Compass®.
  • Implementation: One supervised coaching process. And group coaching sessions.


A learning and development journey!


For independent coaches, and for companies looking to develop an internal coaching culture. Organizations need to hone their capabilities and adapt to the current fast-paced, complex and continuously changing environment.

This coaching solution supports and empowers both employees and managers to develop their capabilities and contribution to the organization.


Becoming a N.E.W.S.® Coach
helps attract, retain and develop promising talents, by fostering a culture that promotes mentoring and coaching at various levels, as part of the ongoing work of managers and HR professionals. This is one of the fastest-growing, increasingly popular organizational development processes around the world.

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